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Surely our bodies were at one time proportioned length by width by height. Can it be that the sky was once heavy enough to cancel the earth’s gravity and draw us upward into equilibrium? What was its weight? I’ll admit I sometimes entertain the horrid suspicion that it has fallen and crushed us, as if our old savior had conspired with the earth to make our misery complete.

To Wait for You

how to transform into a golden fish

1. spread the apricot on the back of the hand

2. spreckle the youngest foxtail on the bridge of the nose

3. seize the invitation of the leaves in suspension

Middle Voice

Nothing stops. Nothing is stopped. The middle voice drones on.
How you spend your time is your business (is time a business expense?).
Oil sounds. Moon sounds. Mud sounds.
Moon pool with nobody.
All cops are bastards.

The Paradise Papers

Kid’s meal ~ I don’t know I just got here
Let’s get coffee some time _ Truth serum scarce
How many cops / Pink recovery method
Firewall \ a domestic entity
Appear at the airport < third of all income
Syllogize uterus _ gifting mix taping

Work Poems

Human beings are horrible bat-monsters, flying around using sonar, hoarding rotten food in their coat pockets, scratching insults into bathroom walls, having sex with dead people etc.
What must be done?