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Surely our bodies were at one time proportioned length by width by height. Can it be that the sky was once heavy enough to cancel the earth’s gravity and draw us upward into equilibrium? What was its weight? I’ll admit I sometimes entertain the horrid suspicion that it has fallen and crushed us, as if our old savior had conspired with the earth to make our misery complete.

Editors’ Letter

Mouse Magazine started in order to memorialize, to put in one place, the works and ideas of all the strange people we knew. Directly or indirectly involved are the following: a member of a direct action collective who planned a firework show at the local jail, an anarchist who maintains a physical map collection for a large university, members of a defunct conservative Christian reading group, a few members of Platypus (an abrasive, international Marxist reading group), a sometime Maoist sympathizer turned Quaker, an itinerant pedagogue, and various lazy working stiffs who spend their time abandoning obligations to write songs in their cars, steal honey, leave books in public bathrooms, and write poems in between paid-by-the-word copy for podiatry clinics and standardized test companies. These were the people who got together to produce the first issue of Mouse: a collection of reviews, essays, poetry, translations, fiction, visual and video art, and snippets of reportage from around the world.  By no one’s design, a theme emerged in this first issue, most visibly in the essays by …

I Was An Internet Catholic

For me, practicing Catholicism was as exciting as Fluxus – actually even more so, since Happenings and public performance art aesthetics have long since been incorporated into cloyingly sincere viral flash-mob inspiration porn. Dangerous objects on the horizon of the extant cultural landscape are seductive to a system in motion which easily exhausts cultural resources in the search for novelty.

To Wait for You

how to transform into a golden fish

1. spread the apricot on the back of the hand

2. spreckle the youngest foxtail on the bridge of the nose

3. seize the invitation of the leaves in suspension