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A Sereníssima República

As spiders are primarily geometers, geometry is what divides them in politics. Some understand that all spiders must make webs with straight threads; it is the rectilinear party. Others think, on the contrary, that webs must be worked with curved threads; it is the curvilinear party.

The World About Nothing

The president says, “And I would have gotten away with it too, if it weren’t for—” at the moment when the detective arrives, carrying a sharpened spoon. To restore his dignity, he wears a tin-foil bowler. A small number of roses gather in honor around him. One loyalist throws a cherry tomato. The rose company is back in business. The rotten tomato company has never worried about business!

Antinous: A Procession-Play

An ancient procession play set under the Jane Byrne Interchange:
“Yes, sirs, the architect Emperor. The artist Emperor. Behold this monster city with its buildings, its skyscrapers, with its asphalted streets, with its advertisements, with its cinemas, its posters… Behold the burbling civilisation that fills our streets, our squares, our boulevards…”