Author: Benjamin Ginzky

The Paradise Papers

Kid’s meal ~ I don’t know I just got here
Let’s get coffee some time _ Truth serum scarce
How many cops / Pink recovery method
Firewall \ a domestic entity
Appear at the airport < third of all income
Syllogize uterus _ gifting mix taping

The Work of Tragedy in the Spirit of Music

Now, it feels to me like the only way we reconcile ourselves to the final, total view of Jackson at his height, is to acknowledge that for our purposes, he wasn’t just a musician, but a musical divinity. This is less charitable than it sounds. As pagans who live among multiple, competing, capricious gods, we understand that Jackson’s discomforting physical appearance, superhuman feats of movement and expression, and his potential for serious violations of our persons and moral order, are all part of an aura that tells us to stand in awe, and maintain our justified fear and distance.