Issue 1, Poetry

The Paradise Papers

During the latency _ to have received money
Just for the hell of it / A Game Over Major
Get called you > We’ll send out a squad car
Like very life and death / Orthodox matching
Especially the dead animals _ Express missed connection
an option for me ~ the money comes from
Kid’s meal ~ I don’t know I just got here
Let’s get coffee some time _ Truth serum scarce
How many cops / Pink recovery method
Firewall \ a domestic entity
Appear at the airport < third of all income
Syllogize uterus _ gifting mix taping
For works proposal > him symbol caesurae
Neural network ~ stupid poem on the neural network
St. Joseph (of the Holy Family) _ lawyer, printer, and guild
Write my name in all caps > donations are matched
mechanism of action _ in top 10 of the noughts
Gut doctor heretic / in the free book pile
Each needs just one spoon and one bowl
cross table and hash up < pubic key in crypt
matrix transform  _ awoke to [*] bullshit
On the memo line / A hard time right now
pocket-watch swing for > of nuptiality pattern
All in the same clade \ stay in touch better
Intrude sentimentals < long long prog rock song
in a paranoid _ like capacitor
of a groupie _ for servitor
If anything ~ a rating in the merchant marine
Certified _ few hills by their proper names
Don’t know the printing _ jamboree
It will have been so < random access
Sidedoor ~ everyone thinks it’s funny
Honestly Antioch * groove issue
This is the struct ~ a little different
Hastinapura * we’ll be there in 5
It seems pretty cool / where they all have a role
All for the story  / strings, or literal constants