Art, Issue 1

Change the Color of the Sky

“Open sky” bifora (San Francesco, Lodi, Italy)

WHEREAS, the sky is the same color every day, and

WHEREAS, the sky need not be the same color every day, and

WHEREAS, warm colors, blue, black and grayish red are the primary atmospheric colors of our solar system and,

WHEREAS, colors such as green or violet would be most artificial and best demonstrate the ability to change the sky at will, therefore


Section 1. We will endeavor to find the means by which the sky could be changed to the color green or violet for a period of one (1) Earth day.

Section 2. On account of the mystifying effect of “individualized” drug ingestion, individually ingested pharmaceuticals will not be employed as a method for accomplishing the task laid out in Section 1.

(a) A generalized individualized subjective switch, which would amount to “hacking the matrix,” would also be acceptable under this section’s parameters.

(b) The methods innovated by pointillism in art may also be applied.

Section 3. As a specification of Section 1, the solution must be non-permanent and reversible. Thus, the at-will nature of the project will be demonstrated.

Section 4. This shall be pursued beginning on this date, the 29th of November, 2018, until such means are discovered.